How To Remove Disable Facebook Friends By One Click (Using Android)

Facebook is number one social media network for contacting with each another mostly friends and family. But when you have many friends then the problem! Because some of accounts are disabled in your account. You have to remove those disabled friends from your account.

They are the friends who lost their account from Facebook. I mean his/her account was disabled or locked or something like that and And they were not able to recover it. But they are in your friend list as disabled ID.

You can't see them, normally you can't unfriend them. Now what you should do to clear the friend list? Don't worry :) I'm here to solve your problem. Read the article at the end.

Facebook disable friends account removal extension on Android device

Using mobile? Yes guys! No need to surprise.... Many people think that it requires a computer or laptop but it is also possible through mobile device.

Right now I'm sharing with you the best way to just follow the instructions below... You can!

First of all Download yandex browser from Google play store. Without yandex you can't use chrome extensions on your Android and without extensions it's impossible to remove inactive Facebook friends. So yandex must needed, install it first.

After that download disable friend removal extensions from here. It's a ZIP file you have to unzip it. If you don't know about it check out Unzip your ZIP file through Android.

Open browser, go to the address bar and type browser://extensions or chrome://extensions

Then this page will appear your screen.

Mark "Developer mode"
Click on "Load unpacked extension"
Select a file from unzipped folder.

inactive friends removal zip

There are three or four file, will select background.js from those.

After do it Facebook disabled friend removal extension will enable automatically.

You have finished extension setup. Now time to remove them.

Login into your Facebook account if you are not logged in.

(Make sure that you are browsing with desktop mode.)

After logging in click to browser menu (or 3 dot) and tap on extension.
disabled friends accounts removal extension

Then select your desired extension.

After that
Agree with terms of services and wait sometime. It will take maybe less than two minutes for remove unexpected friend.

remove disable id on facebook with mobile
Yeah! I have done it. You also can just try. Look at the screenshot above 13 friend removed successfully. 11 are failed because they are permanently disabled I mean you can't remove them with any extension or tool. Facebook has deleted those accounts from database.

I hope this article is helpful for you. Don't forget to share this with your friends. If you have any problem or question feel free to comment below.

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