How To Buy Online Railway Ticket BD

The world is in our hands at the present time. We can easily work very hard. Which saved us time. Likewise, we are going to discuss one topic. This is it bangladesh railway ticket booking in online via mobile, tablet, pc etc The way you want.

If you want to buy online railway ticket in BD. This post will help you currently. 
Because I'm going to write full details about it, So read full article for more information about your query.

Easy Method to Buy Online Train Ticket BD

I think you are ready to purchase your ticket from online. You have to know that there is a limitetion to buying tickets. One can order only for 4 ticket. So you can't buy unlimited train ticket from online. 

Let's go to the original table now without delay. Go to the official website of Bangladesh railway
Now you have to registered with this website, without registered member you won't able to order. So click on "Sing Up" or click here.

Then this page will appear in front of you, after that you have to fill out this form correctly.

Bangladesh railway ticket registration form

  1. Enter your passenger name (That name is mentioned in the identity card)
  2. Enter email address
  3. Re-enter your email
  4. Password for login
  5. Again same password
  6. Date of birth (same as national card)
  7. Address Name
  8. Your post code
  9. Number of national ID card. (If you are under 18, select birth certificate number) 
  10. Enter your phone number
  11. Type security code
  12. At last click on "Register"
After that check your email and confirm registration process and sing in with email and password. Now you can buy ticket.

After logged in:

  1. Select your travel details (When and where you want to go)
  2. Buy ticket (Highest Four Ticket)
  3. Check your ticket price
  4. Enter card details for pay money
  5. Confirm booking ticket and print it out.
  6. Receive your main ticket from station.
This is official website of Bangladesh railway online ticket so they don't collect your data, you can confirm Your deal without any hesitation. It's totally safe... :)

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