How To Leave All Facebook Groups At Once On Android

Facebook group is very helpful for communication we know that many group are available in Facebook you can join with your favourite topic but too much is not better for your account that's why sometime we have to need leave from multiple Facebook group.

if you are looking for the technique of leave from all Facebook group at once Even with mobile again then and you are  on a correct website. right now I will discuss with you about that so keep reading.

Suppose, you are involved in five hundred Facebook groups. Now every day there will be many unnecessary notifications which are very annoying. The only way to get rid of the disturbance is to leave out of those group. Okay Good idea :) Now it takes a lot of time to take the kick out of all. You need short way for that. Is it possible? But you will be able to leave from all by following this system. I think it's the real advantage.

There is no disadvantage. I know that some  of them helpful group for you, you want stay here and also kick out from unnecessary. Yeah! I'm here for you. You can leave from all boring group also can stay on favorite group. I mean It's like delete song from memory. You can delete multiple which you want. Let's start...

Step by step guide to leave all facebook groups by one click 

To do it first of all need to get facebook token. Without it you can't. So you have take token first. If you don't know about it check out get token for Facebook that never expire.

After collect token go to this link. This page will open.

  • Click on "Group Tools"
  • Tap "out of batch group" from drop down menu.
  • After that you have to past your token.

  • Past your token on "access token" box.
  • From filter option select "Groups are participating" otherwise will leave from your own group that you created. (If you have any group)
  • After that click on "get group list"
  • By clicking you will find A long list of group where you already added. 
  • Now you have two options.
  1. Leave from all group.
  2. Leave from only Unnecessary Groups. 
If you want 1st click "Mark all" Box From above Group list. Or want to stay on some group and leave from some group, Then select only those group you want to leave from. Now it's your choice. I don't know what you want. :P

After All click on "Leave Group" from the below section. 

Please wait sometime it may take 2 or 3 minute, don't minimize this page before loading is complete also it's helpful. 

After completed loading You have left out from all those groups that you have selected. I think you're clear about this topic.

If you've any problem feel free to contact us by comment down. I'll reply you with solution. Keep sharing with your friend circle.

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