How To Extract Zip File On Android Device

Generally we know zip file is a many files are placed together in one file in Zip. As a result, files are easy to transmit. Easy to send & receive. Zip file help us many ways.

We can easily make ZIP file on Android also make it unzip. On this article I will discuss with you about ZIP.

En example to benefits of use zip file:

Suppose, you want send 50 picture to your friend via email. Now must be sent one by one. After getting these he will have to download one by one. But if you will make only one zip file of 50 images.

Then you can send 50 pictures by one click & He can also download all photos by one click at once. After unzip the file he will get all the pictures.

The pain of both will be low. Time will cost less, It was possible through a zip file. Apart from this, there are many advantages of zip files.

But you can't use any zip file without unzip it. If you want to use zip file you need to make it unzip first.

You can zip and unzip files easily through the computer without any software.

You can also unzip the compressed file by mobile if you do not have a computer. That's why you need to use the app no data connection will be required.

Now I'm going to describe with you How to unzip any Zip file or folder using Android phone.

There are lot of app are available for extract zip folder or file.
I'll discuss about two apps. You will Use what you like. All work is almost the same.

How to extract ZIP file with RAR

with 50+ million trusted user RAR is one of the best file extractor application for Android. It's very easy to use. That's why It is a popular Android app for make any file or folder compress and extract. Let's see....

At first install RAR app from Google play store and open it.

After opening, you will see all the files in your memory card. Select a ZIP file that you want to make unzip.

After select Click the middle button from above.

Now mark "ask before overwrite" and click "ok" Then your file will be unzip.

Now these files can be use.

It was the way to extract any file from ZIP.

Now I'm writing about how to compress any normal file or folder it's also using Android mobile.

how to create zip file on Android using RAR app

Not only unzip it's also possible to make ZIP of some folder or files from normal mode by using Android with RAR.

Mark these files or folder that you want to compress them it's mean you want to make ZIP of these file.

Click on + Button

There are three option If you want to make rar you need to select rar,select zip for making zip. You can also set password from "set password" option.

if you set password when you want open file that you compressed the password will be require. So you need to remember your password.

Unzip your ZIP file with es file explorer

Es file explorer is another popular Android application for make extract file also for compress normal file and folder. Many people use this application for this work so it's very popular. You can see review from Google play store. Let's do....

First of all install es file explorer from play store. And open, select a zip file for make it unzip
Click to more button you will see many options click on "extract to" because you want to extract it.

Select file and tap "OK"
Then your file will unzip.

Have a Look
So easy... :)

Compress file with Android by es file explorer

You can also make ZIP file from normal file. Sometimes we need it. So I have added this method too. Just follow the screenshot below. 

Select your desired file

Click to the 3 dot option and select compress 
There are some options you can set password if you want to keep your file safe from other 
After all click OK for complete.

Hopefully now you can make any file compress or extract. Share this post with your friend.

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