How To Download Copyright Free Image Using Google Advance Image Search

On this article I'm going to discuss with you The method for downloading copyright free images from Google. Now you will know about the extract way to use Google advance images search. If you are looking for so. Keep scrolling.

Often we need to use any type of image. Then download it from Google. It's normally good for general users.

But when you want to use that images for online like any website or youtube channel. Then the problem man!

When you want to use image on your own website from online I mean from others website or YouTube. You should be careful otherwise you fall under copyright issues.

On that time using any kind of image is never safe. Because many of them are included in copyright. For using copyrighted images you will face various problem. That's why we should use copyright free image.

Many websites provide copyright free images But there are not all types of images is available. Sometime you want picture of "A" but they Provide picture for "B" for the reason of this problem I am writing today.

How to download copyright free images from Google

First of all, open your browser and mark it with desktop version If you are in mobile version.

Then go to and search Whatever you want :)
After searching click on Settings from the right.

Then click on the advance search

After clicking on advance search the new page will open.

You have to do User Rights: free to
use, share or modify, even
Make commercially days (or free to use, even commercially days)

Now the pictures that you see. you will able to use all of theme without any problem.

Another way:

If you don't like browsing with desktop version. you have to download from google advance images search. (although two option are same)

For this at first you go to the link given below.

Google advance images search

Click the user right and select it.

Then click on advance search and search your topic.

Will find all copyright free images. If you want image for commercial you have to select commercially.

You can use those for anything will be no problem ;-)

Like website logo, youtube channel logo or art, video thumbnail, post thumbnail etc.

It was the best way to download copyright free images directly from Google.

Hopefully this post will help to you :) Let's start downloading.

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