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ATN News is a popular Bangladeshi primary TV channel that provides us news for 24 hours. Basically it has two branches, it is sister channel of one of the most popular ATN Bangla channel of Bangladesh. The channel started its official journey on June 7, 2010. The slogan of ATN News is 24 hours in Bengal.

Gradually, its popularity continued to rise, behind the rise of the channel, there is a staunch hand of journalists who have come to recognize their hard work and skills at home to abroad. Within a moment, they collected the current news and served it to us.

One of them was Mishuk Munir, We know him as the guardian of the television station, People also known him to be the pioneer of Bengali television journalism. He was the country's media personality, his contribution ATN News will never forget. He also played a major role in the advancement of television Apart from Bangladesh.

ATN News Live Streaming

ATN News has been moving forward with a strong commitment to providing honest and non-partisan news in different parts of the world. I hope they will continue this trend. Look at below for watch ant news official live online.

You can watch various programs, educational videos, motivational speaking from here. Are you sports lover? No problem ATN News also provide you recent sports news every hour. So enjoy yourself.

ATN Bangla is a satellite-based Bengali language television channel. It's the sister channel of ATN News. It's studio is situated in Dhaka's Kawran market. The channel is exposed in South Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and North America. The channel organizes many programs, including local news, new movies, Bengali dramas, talk shows, and more contemporary domestic programs. The channel was first broadcast on July 15, 1997. Broadcasting began in Europe in 2001.

There were many social programs in ATN Bengali, among which "Amraw Pari" was very popular, so it won the 32nd International Emmy Awards in the 2004 Broadcasting Award at the International Children's Day festival.

Top 5 ATN Bangla Program & Schedule

Amader Kotha:  A popular event that is broadcast based on the opinion and feedback of ordinary people. This is a small event that is broadcast for around 5-10 minutes And it is held every two days (Sunday and Thursday) 02:40 (PM) of week.

Anandaloke: is a 20 minute long weekly short program which is broadcast on ATN's TV screen every Friday at 07:30 PM. This program, which publish over the country, It is a cultural program. Which gained popularity to the people very soon.

Ei Banglay: A video show that is based on the status of the whole country, The length of Ei Banglay is only 20 minutes, which is broadcast every Saturday at 10:30 PM. I'm also regularly see this event. It's going popular day by day.

Ekdin Protidin: After Seeing the name, you can understand what the program will be like, It's an interview show that reviews the lives of successful people. It is served one day (Thursday) in every week at 10:30 PM, which is about 20 minutes in length.

Top of the week: The highlight of the top news stories of the past week. It's highlight in the 20-minute long program. The best events of the week. from social, political, international, international events to sports news of the every last week. Which is broadcast every Sunday at 07:30 PM.

ATN Bangla News Live Streaming

At present ATN News is popular news broadcaster in Bangladesh. The popularity continued to increase, now there are many viewers of this News Television, who regularly watch this channel to know the country's daily status.

Maybe you also like this channel very much and you want to watch atn TV live in online. Don't worry about it. You are came to right website. You can easily watch live on here. Just click "Play" Button and enjoy official broadcast.

Daily Timetable

  • Prime News In Bangla language daily at 08:00, 11:00, 08:00 PM, 11:00 PM.
  • News Hour It's also in Bangla broadcast in every 3 hours.
  • News Now In Bangla at 10:00, 04:00 PM, 05:00 PM, 10:00 PM, 02:00, 05:00. 
  • News Update Is another Bengali news that publish at 02:20 PM.
  • News Now English News at 01:00  PM, 01:00, 04:00.
  • News at Seven Broadcast in English at 07:00 PM.
  • Breakfast News In English language  at 07:00

Also on Friday and Saturday, ATN News conducts special events on a special topic aimed at ordinary people and government attention.

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