What Is Android Root: Advantage And Disadvantage

I will describe Now what is Root & Also describe that benefits and disadvantage of rooting Android mobile.. Pleased read full article :)

Android is the most popular mobile operating system. The popularity of Android mobile is very high. Everyone uses Android phone.

Android provides all our benefits, but there is some thing that you do not use without using root mobile. For example: Updating mobile versions. There are many information about Android you want to know. One of these is Android Root. Read this post to know about this.

Now we will know what is the mean of mobile root? Why do you root your Android mobile? What are the benefits of this?and its disadvantage!

What is Android root

Root is a method that changes your mobile system. That's why it is possible to install third party apps. After the root Android mobile you can also remove system apps. And you can Re install your favorites again.(without installing system application)  Which is not possible without the root.

There is a limited of Android mobile But there is no limitation after the completing root.

Some Benefits of Root your Android

1. system app uninstall
When we are buying a new mobile then many unusual app is installed which we do not need And we can't uninstall those apps. After Rooting your phone you will be able to install system apps.

2. Phone Performance
After removing system apps. Increases your mobile capacity. And RAM costs less. As a result, the speed of mobile will be increasing.

3. Battery Life
After removing unnecessary apps. Battery is also less costly. As a result, the battery's performance increases. Charge will be lasting.

4. Use Only root App
There are many apps that do not work without a rooted phone. It is also possible to use those apps After Root..

5. premium application
There are many apps that require money to use. But after the root those can be used free.

The disadvantage of the root

1. Mobile warranty
Your Mobile warranty will ends after the complete Root. Because that's time mobile comes to your control.

2. Phone Troubling
The tendency of losing your mobile is increased. Because you have used something illegal. Which is not supported by Android.

4. Virus Problem
After the mobile root, the mobile can be attacked by the virus. As a result, your personal information may be stolen. Because virus is very harmful for any device.

There are also many more benefits and disadvantages, which have not been described. Now the rest is your wish. Whether the mobile root or not. If you want to root your phone even after all. Then Please comment on below I will share with you how to root your phone easily.

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