How To Add Chrome Extensions On Android Mobile

On this article I will write about add Chrome extension on your Android device. Yea... it's possible to use all of chrome browser extension by any version of Android mobile.

We know that chrome browser is best web browser in over the world. Because it's have many futures. those futures was make chrome browser very helpful and easy to use..

One of the best futures is extension. That's why it's popular browser. We can done any hard work in few second by using chrome extension from the chrome web store..

But there are a problem chrome extension will work on chrome browser only on your PC, not on Android device.. Because Google not allowed Android for this facility.

Good news that I will show you that extract method to install all of  chrome extension on your Android phone. Many Android users don't know about it. Now time to learn....

Android users are increasing day by day so that I think this article will helpful for you. Those extensions will helpful for improve your browsing experience. Let's dive into the topic.

How can I run chrome extension on my Android

It's (using chrome extension on Android) not possible on your Chrome browser. If you want to run chrome extension on your Android you have find alternative browser. The name of this app is Yandex Browser. Yandex made it possible to use.

Yandex is also popular browser for Android it's help us in many ways. One of the best is Adding Chrome Extension.

Install yandex browser from Google play store then open your browser..

Now you have to go the link given blew

After enter on above link you will go on chrome's extension store. You will show all type of extension.

Search your favorite extension and click on add to chrome.

Click on Add Extension

(Then extension will be download)

After finishing add you have to go on extension option from browser menu.

You will find that's you added. You have finished it. Now enjoy using chrome extension on Android. Hope it helps you. 

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