How To Copy Text From Picture On Android

If you are looking for easy method to extract text from an image? then I will give answer to you that you are on right place. because I will described with you on this post this method.
How To Separate & Copy Text From Any Picture Trough Android

When you want to bring text from important documents and you have not enough time for type these character one by one. In this moment I'm sure you will want an easy alternative way.

It called text recognition (in shot form OCR) Full meaning of OCR is optical character recognition.

What is online OCR?

ORC is a program it scan out data from any document quickly and make it readable & editable. After scanning text you can use it anywhere you can copy past this text, if you want to make PDF to pastable text it's also possible by OCR machine ; Machine mean OCR apps or website.

There are many Android apps are available for this service but all apps are not provide good result, many app give bad result and you will face many problem.

Is online OCR safe?

In short the answer is yes. Maybe you have some confusion about it, yeah I'm also agree with you that all OCR machine isn't safe but it's sure that some of OCR is totally safe they never collect your data. 

Now I'm going to share with you some best ORC apps and website these will give you accurate result and it's also safe. All app and website are available for your Android mobile. Let's move ahead.

How to extract text from image in Android

You can easily do it online in you Android phone If you find OCR apps or website. It's sure that you will find out lot of application for scanning. But you don't know "Which app is best for text scanner?" After a long research I was find few best apps and website. Now time for share these App with you and also using method of those applications. Please read full article, after reading you find your answer.

Accurate image to text converter Android App

#1. Google Keep
Grab text from picture by Google keep

When you find best app then I will answer you "Google Keep" we know that Google is best free service Provider without any doubt. Google keep is very easy to use and it's give you best result from others text extractor app with very short time. It's totally free service of Google no need to cost for using Google keep.

How to use google keep
  • Go to  the Google play store.
  • Search "Google Keep" by clicking search option or click here.
  • Then you will find an apps that developed by Google LLC.
  • Install app And open it.
  • After opening app you find picture upload option.
  • Now you have to upload a picture that you want.
  • When complete uploaded click on 3 dot
Using method of Google keep

  • Then click on "Grab texts from picture".
  • At last you will See your result

#2 Image To Text Converter
This is another popular Android OCR application This app can convert your data from your strong or that you taken by the camera. The best features is the OCR is give you accurate result And it is free of cost and advertise as well.

Using method:
Textscanner from photo for Android
Install apps from the Google Play Store And open it in your device. Then you can see two option.

  1. Is take now by the camera
  2. Is for Select photo from your gallery.

You have to select number 2 option because you want choice image from gallery. If you want take a picture and use that image on this software then you need to select option number one.

After Selecting option again select Your text that you want to make editable. Then click on right down and Tap on start button. (It's very easy method that's why I don't add screenshot, just open the app you can do it)

Please wait few second your documents will be scan. After the completing scan you text will ready for use.

Now you can share converted text with your friends, Copy on your clicpboard. It's another features is speak your text this is really awesome you can also make PDF from your text that you find from images.

On this application you will see translate menu from translate section you will able to translate it with many language. By default all language are not available if you want to translate into another language than you need to download your favorite language from download option.

#2 Text Fairy
Extract text by text fairy from image

Text Fairy is my favorite text collector app after Google keep. It's most useful Android OCR App.There are some features of text fairy. Let see the features of text fairy.

  • Convert any picture's document to text.
  • Edit & modifie extracted text.
  • Copy text to clipboard & you can past when you want.
  • Convert the scanned text to PDF.
  • Quick Share text in shareble place.
  • Translate extracted text in many leanguge.

The using method of text fairy & image to text converter almost same so I don't repeat it again :) If you want use text fairy please follow above method that I was described.

Section #2

Now I'll write about how can you extract without any app it's mean from online website.

Ton of website website are available in Internet. I share with you just my favorite website these I was used and got best result.

Top website to copy text from image & document

Many many website are available in internet. But all isn't well and safe. From many website 4-5 website are really awesome, I'm using those and got good result so feel free to use those jpeg to word converter online editable website. You can also identify text from a PDF also. So don't worry about it. After entering You can copy and paste a screenshot's text on Android. It's very easy to use so let's dive into from below.

Accurate image to text separator online

#1 Google Keep

Google Keep is the best online OCR website that provide you many free service like this. Google service is free and does everything it promises to do. Using system same as Google keep application. If you have already installed app. You can do it on from app. It's your choice what you want to use but I have describe two methods for you.

1st Go to Google Keep
Upload a picture you want to extract out from it.
Extract out image text in mobile

After uploaded Click on 3 dot then you find an option "Grab image text"

You will get result at once.

#2 Onlineocr
Text copy from picture in online

OnlineOCR is One of the most popular OCR website, It's also free to use Just need data for enter the Website.

Go to Onlineocr
From first step section select your picture, be aware that your picture should be less then 15 megabytes.

Tap on convert from step number 3 then it wil be extracted.

#3 Newocr
This website is very easy to use, so it's very popular. you will get result from here just few click.

First Enter this link

You will find image Add button. Upload your image & click on "upload + OCR" Wait for result finally you find it.

#4 OcrSpace
OcrSpace is another most visited online website. Manny people come on this website for recognize. If you also want this you can try it. The best features is you can do without upload just putting url of this picture or document.

First Go to Here
After uploaded choice language & scroll down

Click on "Start OCR!"

You picture has successfully scanned now you can copy and past text when you want.

It was the complete guide to copy text from image in Android device. I think it will helpful for you. Enjoy! I hope that this post will help you. Please share with your friends :) Then he will know and it will benefit for him.

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